About Us

Rejuvenation Olympics was conceived by Bryan Johnson and Oliver Zolman, MD in order to have a public forum to share protocols and validated results for age rejuvenation.

Bryan Johnson is the founder of Braintree Venmo which was acquired for $800M. Johnson is also the founder of Kernel, builder of the world’s first society scale non-invasive brain imaging system; OS Fund, investor of synthetic biology, computationally derived therapeutics, and advanced materials; and Blueprint, an endeavor to achieve humanity, AI and earth scale cooperation starting within Self.

Dr Oliver Zolman MBBS BSc is a medical doctor based in Cambridge, UK. His goal is to prove reversal of aging in each of the 78 organ types by 25% below chronological age by 2030, using Zolman Level 1, 2, 3 Protocol. Dr. Zolman teaches other clinicians how to implement this protocol via his Longevity School online course, based on gold standard clinical practice guidelines & biological aging clock biostatistics.


Dr. Zolman has a visiting fellowship in Evidence-based Medicine from the University of Sydney, a degree in Regenerative Medicine & Biology of Aging from King’s College London, and attended the Accelerator at Cambridge University Judge Business School. He has published his novel Longevity Escape Velocity (LEVMED) specialty, taught in Longevity School, in the peer-reviewed journal Rejuvenation Research.

Rejuvenation Olympics partners with TruDiagnostic as an independent and reliable resource for methylation data analysis and verification. TruDiagnostic is a CLIA certified Lab testing facility.

DunedinPACE has the highest hazard ratios to disease and precision among algorithms, and evidence that it’s responsive to validated interventions such as the Caloric restriction. DunedinPACE is phenotypically trained and created in collaboration with prestigious universities such as Columbia, Duke, and Harvard. Learn more here.

If you are interested in competing on this leaderboard, you may upload your epigenetic data to the platform and your results will be analyzed and included on the leaderboard. If you already have tested with TruDiagnostic, you can simply input your Kit ID and your results will also be added.


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