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The Rejuvenation Olympics - where you win by never crossing the finish line

Top 20 largest age reversals out of 1750 people validated by phenotypically trained epigenetic methylation algorithms

RankPatient Name% Improved From BaselineChronological AgeOldest 2 Test AverageMost Recent TestManaging Clinic
1Anonymous28.24371.310.94HealthCode ( Dr. Jan Venter)
2Pedro Rossello 27.97791.180.85RMI
3Private Participant22.01150.7950.62Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
4Jenvel (TwitterX: @itsJenvel)
5Lil Eskey 16.76410.9250.77NOVOS
6David Pascoe 16.46600.790.66N/A
7Bryan Johnson15.34450.8150.69Project Blueprint
8Julie Gibson Clark 15.03540.7650.65NOVOS
9Private Participant14.77190.880.75Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
10Rachel Brewster 13.85490.9750.84AgelessRx
11Dian Ginsberg13.58580.810.7Dian Ginsberg MD
12Dana Herrera13.39381.120.97RMI
13Scott Glosserman 13.1460.840.73N/A
15Private Participant12.12650.990.87Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
16Weikeng Chen12280.8750.77House/DtC
17Private Participant11.92490.9650.85Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
18Michael Lustgarten11.11500.8550.76N/A
19Private Participant10.91651.10.98Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
20Richard B Johnson10.87700.920.82Project Blueprint
RankPatient NameMean of 3 DundinPACEs Across 6+ MonthsChronological AgeRelative Difference Adjusting For Chronological AgeManaging Clinic
1Dan Sullivan0.7178-27.82%MaxWell Clinic (David Haase MD)
2Julie Gibson Clark 0.66553-27.62%NOVOS
4Dian Ginsberg0.757-24.61%Dian Ginsberg MD
5Amy Hardison0.7462-21.43%NOVOS
6Bryan Johnson0.7245-19.65%Project Blueprint
7Rick Chiovarelli 0.78570-18.39%NOVOS
8Anthony Viggiano 0.74548-17.73%Apeiron
9Jamie Constable 0.7857-16.01%Apeiron
10Lance Hitchings 0.8373-14.43%RMI
11Arnold Gachman 0.8580-14.06%Gladden Longevity
12Private Participant0.855-13.39%Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
13Private Participant0.855-13.22%Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
14Private Participant0.79552-13.09%Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
15Autumn Calabrese 0.7741-13.08%Gladden Longevity
16Private Participant0.7219-12.93%Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health
17Linda McKissack 0.8261-12.71%Gladden Longevity
18Steven Schorr 0.83568-12.69%N/A
19Peter Diamandis 0.8261-12.68%Fountain Life
20Jeffrey Gladden 0.8469-12.37%Gladden Longevity

Aging is the #1 risk factor for almost every chronic disease and death. We believe that aging can be slowed with intervention and that competitive age reversal is a way to encourage the world to find the best age rejuvenation strategies.

We created the Rejuvenation Olympics to be a public leaderboard where validated anti-aging interventions can be posted and shared.

If you are interested in seeing how you are trending, please create an account and join the competition!

Upload your methylation data and TruDiagnostic will run a methylation analysis on your sample. Our leader board uses only published epigenetic age algorithms which have the following criteria:

  1. 2nd or 3rd generation algorithms (no chronologically trained algorithms)
  2. Immune cell subset controlled algorithms (12 cell immune controlled algorithms for greater accuracy and precision
  3. Data only blood (The most well validated collection method
  4. Intraclass correlation values >.96 ( less than a 4% variation on the same sample results
  5. Data from large scale methylation analysis (EPIC850k array data or better)

Rejuvenation Olympics

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