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These are questions I would like to ask of Bryan Johnson. Not sure how to ask him directly, so figured I would just post here.

- Since you are measuring each organ separately and I know most are responding youthfully to the blueprint, which organs have seen the least rejuvenation? I am guessing hearing and vision. Are you focusing your efforts more on those systems that seem to be responding the least?

- Do you have any concerns about exposure to radiation from any of the biometric testing that you are doing?

- It seems like there needs to be a balance between exercise and caloric restriction. How do you balance these? Did you decide to start off with an hour of exercise per day, and then see how much calories you would need to maintain your weight? Or vice versa, choose your amount of calories, and then scale up exercise accordingly? Have you considered more caloric restriction and less exercise?

- Is strength training prioritized over cardio? It seems like you do a lot of different exercises targeting minor muscles in an effort to avoid sacropenia. Is this your approach?

- Intervention Testing Program (ITP) wasn't able to find any longevity benefit with spermidine. Have you looked into this?

- If you were to list the 5 or 10 best supplements from your experience, what would they be?

- Your diet seems to be inspired by Joel Fuhrman's Nutritarian GBOMBS diet. Is this true?

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